Annual General Meeting This Sunday Morning, March 3rd

All garden members are encourage to attend The Annual General Meeting and Pot Luck Brunch* This Sunday, March 3 9am – 1pm LOCATION Fifth Avenue Committee 621 Degraw St. (bet. 3rd & 4th Ave.) map AGENDA 1) Coordinator reports 2) Garden Budget 3) Review Bylaws 4) Steering Committee Elections 5) Membership Renewal, NEW GATE […]

Marathon Bake Sale

Hello Gardeners! One of our great garden traditions is the Marathon Bake Sale on the northeast corner of Warren Street and Fourth Avenue on the morning of the New York Marathon. It’s a fun way to experience the excitement of the marathon while supporting the garden. Can you help? This year’s marathon is on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th. We are looking […]

Deciding Ownership of the Garden

We have the opportunity to decide the ownership of WSMC Garden. We’ve heard from representatives of petitioning organizations, Brooklyn Queens Land Trust (BQLT) and Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens (BANG). Additional information can be downloaded from these links: BANG and BQLT. We are meeting tomorrow to discuss our destiny. Thursday, June 30th 7:00pm In the […]

Trees, Lumber and Another Kind of Green

Uh-one, uh-two, uh-TREE We have some dwarf fruit trees ready to be planted, and some cleared space along our southeastern fence to welcome them. All we need are some willing hands (and strong backs). Please email Cathy Carver to coordinate. The things we do for lumber The garden can qualify for more free lumber from […]

Post Storm Garden Work Project this Sunday, Sept. 26th!

This Sunday from 11AM to 1PM, Kate, our Garden Co-Coordinator, will be hosting a Garden Work Project for anyone interested. A couple small trees were damaged in the storm last week. On Sunday, come by the garden and help saw limbs and break down the pile of debris into compost-able matter that can be reused […]

Annual General Meeting & Gardening Workshop: Sunday, March 7th

All garden members are encouraged to attend the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Time: Sunday, March 7th at 11AM Location: Fifth Avenue Commitee, 621 Degraw Street (betw. 3rd and 4th Ave.) Google map We have a fun and important agenda, as well as a meeting facilitator to keep us on track! Agenda: – POTLUCK BRUNCH! (please bring […]