Notes from Garden Day Meeting – 9/9/17

Notes from Garden Day meeting 9/9/17


Today’s accomplishments — weeding (paths, plots and more), getting bins for weeds from neighbors, shed cleaned, pile of mulch and dirt distributed, hand compost sifter repaired.

What’s coming up next?  Cutting up cedar planks for borders. Making the actual borders.

Water: Hydrant cap has been changed. Good till end of Oct.

Corn, the water consultant, is game to come the afternoon of Oct. 7. Waiting to hear if Charlie can come then. Sheila has made contact with Brad Lander’s office to see if he can persuade DEP to fix at least part of the system.  (We have an underground creek. Water table is high here.)  

We’ll investigate bioswales.

Melanie is investigating grant for water collection system, which will help divert water from the sewer system in storms. We’ve asked Judy Janda at the GreenSpace on Fourth Avenue for their plans/materials/costs.

Trees: Robert from BBG will come by to discuss succession planting for peach trees, birch, etc.

GreenThumb Harvest Festival Saturday Sept 16.

Compost Sifter: Compost tube sifter needs repair. We need a mechanically minded person to deconstruct the old one, plan a new one, and build it. We can follow the system created by our BANG sister garden, the Prospect Heights Community Farm.

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