Steering Committee Minutes, January 27, 2017

Meeting minutes 01/27/17

David (via telephone)



Compost Area Move
Compost Team will get together outside of a garden day sometime in March. (Other members and volunteers are welcome)

Compost sifter area build
Who will do it? Sarah will reach out to Aaron at BBG.

Build new plots and associated tasks
Done before April 9th? (First signups and orientations)

First garden day? Saturday April 1st (and bleeding into the 2nd  ?)
New members get a round robin, existing members get a condensed version with their team leader.

Locks – switching and repairing locks
Some are repaired

New Website
Website can be managed by members, if Val will relinquish the keys/credentials. Theme/template can be changed. Val simply wants to review it at the end.

Social outreach/Mixer – Saturday, February 11th. 2-6pm
Somewhere similar to Sheep Station / Douglas
Making a shortlist of potential members to invite to an event.

Need more chickens. Chickens don’t live long. Who will host 3-4 chickens? Arlo or Gabriella

Events for the year
*Easter Egg Hunt / Holiday Egg Roll / Spring Egg Hunt – Chloe out of town, Maggie volunteers.

*Marathon Bake Sale

*Plant Sale – 5th Ave St. Fair is May 21st


*Chicken Birthday party / name the chicken party

*Bike the Gardens day

Partnering with Whole Food / Brooklyn Fare
Retailer provides gift card/discount card to buy food for garden days (7). They provide food at cost and we don’t spend any money. This would be in exchange for mention on website. Each total order would be approx. $100. We could go through BANG for the tax write off. Good will value.

Chalkboard on front of water tank
Approved, but materials list will be accumulated until it’s the right time to order

BANG member notes
Maggie is willing to be BANG rep and Secretary,  Jeff is willing to be Alternate.

BANG meeting notes
BANG meeting will overlap with our garden day in July.

Annual meeting date
Sunday, March 12, 2017. Location: DeGraw spot

General Garden meeting dates
May 6th
June 4th
July 8th

Send general email ASAP:
Include info about the social mixer, about the chickens, and finally about the solar power capacity and its pump requirements (either manual or pneumatic).

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