Farewell to Our Fine Feathered Friends

Marisa from Earth Matter arrived Tuesday morning to repatriate our foster hens to their Governors Island home.

There are many stories to tell about the ladies, and what they have meant to us. Here is just one.
Arlo & Chickens
Arlo with Henny Penny on Sunday, April 21, two days before the hens returned to Governors Island.

Kristen had planned to be at the garden to shepherd the flock back into Marisa’s keeping, but she was helping a friend give birth. So she called Andrea, who agreed to be there instead. New garden members Andy, Fran and Violet made sure they were there at 8:15am also, to bid the biddies à bientôt.

Marisa was running late, and couldn’t get through on Andrea’s fickle phone. So she called Pat, who promised to be there if needed. Needless to say, he showed up without further prompt. So there was quite a crowed, I mean crowd, to say goodbye, and make sure the hand-off occurred.

In the end, with the clock ticking, Andy, Fran and Violet headed off to school, and Andrea headed off to work, and Pat was the one who saw the hens off.

This is one way to boil that down. To do right by our hens, our pregnant friends, our children and our work, we called upon one another, and one another, we came through.

Thank you Henny Penny, Zebra, Amelia Black, Pointer Sisters and Worm, and Alice in memoriam. We will miss you.

Note for the future: Just when Marisa and the mini flock were about to depart, Dan arrived to inquire about our future chicken fostering. And not long after the poultry-mobile left for Governors Island, Polly appeared satisfied.

At the next Community Garden Day, let’s talk about hens, our experience, and what might come next.

Naomi & Chickens
New member Naomi getting her first sense of how to hold a hen, on Sunday.
Violet & Chickens
Violet tried thinking like a chicken!

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