This Sunday, May 1st: Annual Plant Sale & Container Gardening Workshop

This Sunday, May 1st, is going to be a great day to stop by the Community Garden. We’ve got the Annual Plant Sale, a Container Gardening Workshop and a sunny day in the lineup! Annual Plant Sale Starting at 11:30AM, Sunday morning, an assortment of lovely affordable plants will be on sale at the Warren […]

Trees, Lumber and Another Kind of Green

Uh-one, uh-two, uh-TREE We have some dwarf fruit trees ready to be planted, and some cleared space along our southeastern fence to welcome them. All we need are some willing hands (and strong backs). Please email Cathy Carver to coordinate. The things we do for lumber The garden can qualify for more free lumber from […]

First Garden Work Day is Tomorrow–Sunday, April 10th!

HAPPY SPRING, GARDEN PEOPLE! The first Garden Work Day is Sunday, April 10th beginning with a meeting at 10am. We’ll start work in the garden at 11am–prepping, planning, digging, turning and more. Its important that everyone show up so that we can get your input regarding the plans for the garden this year. Also, we’re […]