Pickling 101

While on a break from building the new compost corral, Jerah gave a lesson on the basics of pickling. She also shared some of her home-pickled veggies–cabbage, onions and turnips which got a subtle kick from herbs and garlic. Jerah also made use of a bunch of collard green plants from the garden that were on the way to the bin when she intercepted them and took them home to pickle. The pickling process is pretty simple – food is preserved in a solution of salt in water (brine) – but the end product is full of complex flavors, healthy and deeee-licious! I picked up some Kirbys on Sunday at Fairway and I can’t wait to start on my first batch of pickles. Soon enough we’ll have tasty veggies from the garden to pickle. Look for a post later this week of Jerah’s pickling instructions.

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