September 6 Garden Day Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes as recorded by David Bivins Attendees: Andrea Kannapell David Bivins and Arlo Kit Schneider Max Henstell Brian Ricci Pat McCarty Siena Chrisman Jerah Kirby Leslie McCleave Amelia Wilson Dylan Mabin Melanie Holcomb Same list for meeting, plus Iris, Ruth Chasek, the other Ruth (who may not be a member), Julia Mabin, and the […]

August 10th Garden Day Meeting Notes

We had a terrific garden day, cleaning up the peach tree, watering everywhere, turning compost, weeding, and sanding and staining the remaining two benches. Turnout was better than one might expect for August, with 16 members plowing in. The garden provided pizza for lunch (and some of us went off the reservation and got sandwiches […]

Steering Committee Minutes from July 26, 2014

Steering Committee Meeting 7/26/14 Attending: SC: Andrea Kannapell, David Bivins, Amelia Wilson, Valerie English, Dylan Mabin Other: Melanie Holcomb, Tammy Dunn, Kit Schneider, Brian Ricci, Max Henstell, Pat McCarty, Gabriele Wolf, Sheri Stein, Sally Smith We opened by creating an agenda (Budget, Fundraising, BANG budget, projects in the garden plan, work team update/accountability, honoring of […]

2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes

2014 Annual General Meeting Minutes Sunday, March 9, 2014 10 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. @ Fifth Avenue Committee offices 621 Degraw St. (bet. 3rd & 4th Ave.) MINUTES 25 people in attendance (Sharon, 1 child, 23 members – list at bottom) Moderator & timekeeper: Melanie Holcomb Minutes: Gabriele Wolf 1.     Introduce yourself, offer your favorite […]

2013 Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes

The Annual General Membership Meeting of the Warren St. Marks Community Garden on March 3, 2013 Attending: Pat McCarty, garden administrator Melanie Holcomb, garden member McRae Petrey, fundraising coordinator Ryan Reineck, garden member and chicken coop builder Sheri Stein, garden co-coordinator David Bivins, membership coordinator Kristen Davis, garden member Valerie English, communications coordinator Kit Schneider, […]

Steering Committee Meeting Notes – February 17, 2013

Steering Committee Meeting at Yogasana Feb. 17, 2013 In attendance: Pat McCarty Cathy Carver Sheri Stein Kristen Davis David Bivens Andrea Kannapell Valerie English Dylan Mabin Ruth Chasek Discussion of governance, defining purpose of Annual General Membership Meeting. A pastiche of general thought from those in attendance: Good governance allows the membership the freedom to go […]

Steering Committee Meeting Notes – January 19, 2013

Warren St Marks Community Garden Steering Committee and Chicken Tenders Meeting Saturday, January 19, 2013 Time: 10:30 am Place: PURE restaurant (88 Fifth Ave.) ATTENDEES –Coordinators Cathy Carver Ruth Chasek Emilie Hagen Andrea Kannapell Pat McCarty McRae Petrey Sheri Stein –Chicken Tenders Chloe Abercrombie Tammy Dunn AGENDA Planning for Annual General Membership meeting, scheduled for […]

2012 Annual General Membership Meeting Minutes

Sunday, February 26, 2012 Time: 12 noon – 4 pm Place: Fifth Avenue Committee office (621 Degraw St [nw corner Degraw and 4th Ave], phone:  718 237 2017; website: 12noon – 1:00 pm:  set up (bring yummy snacks, coffee percolator, juices/beverages to share)/social mingling meeting 1:00 – 3:00 pm Attendees: David Bivins Cathy Carver […]

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – May 2010

Date:  May 3, 2010 Time:  7 pm Place:  Home of Cathleen Bell Attendees: Cathleen Bell Cathy Carver Ruth Chasek Nell Eckersley Jen Keiser Gordon Kathy Hutson Jerah Kirby Pat McCarty Agenda 1.  Introductions 2.  Rah rah solidarity 3.  Reports plot distribution/work calendar – Alison dues collection/key distribution/membership – Ruth/Jen list consolidation – Valerie/Harvey communication protocols […]

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – April 2010

Date: April 8, 2010 Time: 7 pm Place: Home of Cathleen Bell Attendees: Cathleen Bell Ruth Chasek Valerie English Kate Hawes Jen Keiser Gordon Jerah Kirby Pat McCarty Alison Novak Greetings and introductions to newly elected coordinators. Discussion and concern about Kathy Hutson’s resignation as Events Coordinator. Preparations in advance of April 11 official spring […]