Annual General Meeting 2017 Notes

Notes from General Annual Membership Meeting for 2017 Date: 3/12/17 Melanie Holcomb moderates. Attending: Chloe Abercrombie, David Bivins, Gina Briggs, Ruth Chasek, Kristen Davis, Mary Dillon, Rachel Green, Melanie Holcomb, Karen Hsu, Andrea Kannapell, Jefferson Maloney, Pat McCarty, Padmini Narumanchi, Mimi Rosenfeld, Kit Schneider, Maggie Stein, Amelia Wilson, Gabriela Wolf. Introductions Current SC Roles Admin — […]

Steering Committee Minutes, January 27, 2017

Meeting minutes 01/27/17 PRESENT: Sarah Jefferson Amelia Chloe Maggie Gina Kit Gabriella David (via telephone) Andrea Mary __ AGENDA Compost Area Move Compost Team will get together outside of a garden day sometime in March. (Other members and volunteers are welcome) Compost sifter area build Who will do it? Sarah will reach out to Aaron […]

Spring Has Sprung in the Community Garden

SAVE THE DATE:   Annual Spring Egg Hunt March 27th The Warren St. Marks Community Garden Annual Spring Egg Hunt will be on Sunday, March 27th from 10:30am-12:00pm. Stay tuned for more details, and happy spring! More Spring Events SATURDAY, MARCH 19 — GreenThumb GrowTogether Join over a thousand community gardeners from all over New York […]

June 14, 2015, Garden Day Meeting Notes

June 14, 2015 – Garden Day Meeting Notes We had a great turnout on a beautiful day and got through a long list of chores. The sidewalks are neat and clean, the shed is much more organized, the litter is gone, and there are MANY fewer weeds. The peaches have been winnowed in the hopes […]

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – June 7th, 2015

Steering Committee meeting of 6/7/15  Attending:  Sarah Trignano Chloe Abercrombie Kristin Davis David Bivins Amelia Wilson Ruth Chasek Brian Ricci (and Frank and Rocco!) (Not attending: Melanie Holcomb, Sally Smith, Valerie English) 1. Meeting Dates: We are rescheduling our regular meeting, moving it to the third Tuesday of the month at 7:15. Andrea is sending […]

Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – May 4th, 2015

Steering Committee meeting of 5/4/15 Attending: (SC) Chloe, Melanie, Brian, Val, Sarah, Kristen, Andrea, David by phone; (BANG rep and alt) Ruth and Sally; plus Gab, and Max for a bit. 1. Possible fundraiser pegged to hens birthday. Max and Shayna making a cake suitable for hens, special recipe. Their actual birthday is May 7, […]

Annual General Meeting Minutes – March 15, 2015

Annual General Meeting, March 15, 2015 Sally Smith discusses her efforts to reconstitute the Warren Street Block Association. Anyone interested should contact her at Steering Committee introductions Andrea Kannapell, administrator David Bivins, garden coordinator Chloe Abercrombie, events coordinator Amelia Wilson, membership coordinator Ruth Chasek, treasurer (missing) Val English — communications Melanie Holcomb — fundraising […]

October 5, 2014 Garden Day Meeting Notes

Steering Committee Meeting 10/5/14 Andrea Kannapell David Bivins Chloe Abercrombie Dylan Mabin Amelia Wilson (after coop clean) Melanie Holcomb (after coop clean) Pat McCarty Sarah Trignano Cathy Carver (at end) Ruth Chasek (briefly by phone) Reports: plot status, team compliance,  membership number, fall projects, security, alcohol rule. Plot status: 7 plots are renounced, abandoned or […]

September 6 Garden Day Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes as recorded by David Bivins Attendees: Andrea Kannapell David Bivins and Arlo Kit Schneider Max Henstell Brian Ricci Pat McCarty Siena Chrisman Jerah Kirby Leslie McCleave Amelia Wilson Dylan Mabin Melanie Holcomb Same list for meeting, plus Iris, Ruth Chasek, the other Ruth (who may not be a member), Julia Mabin, and the […]

August 10th Garden Day Meeting Notes

We had a terrific garden day, cleaning up the peach tree, watering everywhere, turning compost, weeding, and sanding and staining the remaining two benches. Turnout was better than one might expect for August, with 16 members plowing in. The garden provided pizza for lunch (and some of us went off the reservation and got sandwiches […]