Become a Garden member — it’s easy:
1) Attend an Orientation Day
For 2017, the dates are: Saturday, April 1, and Sunday, April 2. You will receive an orientation, sign up for one or more work teams, pay your membership fee, and receive your key.

2) Attend a Garden Day
Orientations are held each Garden Day at 10AM sharp. Go to the OPEN HOURS page to view the Garden Day schedule. To contact the membership coordinator:

3) Pay Your Membership Fee
We have sliding scale, from $20 to $50. Choose the amount that works best for you. The fee pays for your key, the locks, equipment and supplies for the garden, lunch on garden days, professional tree pruning, plants and seeds, and so much more. Please give as much as you comfortably can so we can continue to help the garden flourish. If you wish to give a different amount, please contact the membership coordinator at

Payment Options

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