Steering Committee Notes 8/26/17

Steering Committee Notes 8/26/17

SC members attending: Rachel, Andrea, Gina, Kit

Andrea took meeting notes in Slack, so those who weren’t there could see the meeting in real time, if they like. has joined us.

Water update: Corn Schmidt, Andrea’s colleague who is getting his plumbing license, is willing to come out to learn about our system. Charlie Bayrer — who knows the system best — is also willing to come out, but his earliest window is a weekend in Oct. I will set that up.

Corn and Andrea discussed marking the path of the water system with bricks. Should be cool to see it on the ground. And helpful.


Andrea put in a 311 report to ask for the custodian lock to be changed on the hydrant in front of 664 Warren. She anticipates problems because the 311 operator  said she needed a 7-digit permit no. and ours only has 6: 803990

Subject: 311 Service Request Confirmation #: C1-1-1452928931

Service Request #: C1-1-1452928931
Date Submitted: 08/26/17 5:15:25 PM
Request Type: Water Maintenance
Details: Fire Hydrant Lock Removal

Thank you for contacting New York City 311. Your Service Request has been sent to the Department of Environmental Protection for action.

Get Service Request Details


Kit will ask the Botanic Garden about how to get labels for our plants and trees.

Jeff Maloney has offered guidance to Pacific St. library and urged them to get in touch with him when they are ready to actually plant. So we will wait to hear from them.

Andrea joined a group of BANG gardeners to help plant and maintain tree pits and tree pit planters at the nursing home on Classon btw Park Place and Prospect Place. She lives nearby and plans to water regularly.

We’ll need to discuss chicken expenses. @kristen what was the vet bill for Petrichor? Did we incur any expenses for poor Nana?

Kit mentioned that this class is coming Oct. 21:

(A tree pruning workshop, 9-3, at Green-Wood cemetery)

FYI: The figs are delicious.

WEB: Gina just needs final review of web content. Andrea will look over.


Next garden day agenda:

Spread remaining woodchips.

More weeding.

Chloe’s compost bin has disappeared. Kit says it’s hard to get rid of the giant pile of weeds by St. Marks.

Kit says she will ask residents of St. Marks, via the email for the block association, if we can, on garden day, disperse the weeds to their bins.

Andrea asked Sally via email whether she would ask her Warren St. block association the same thing. Sally said yes, and invites all to the Warren St. block party on Sept. 10.

Sheds — big cleaning and reorganizing.

Refurbish the hand sifter for compost, using our leftover hardware cloth.
(If Gina is motivated, she’ll get wood cut for another hand-held sifter.)

Plant potatoes

Do we need more cedar boards for edging

@sarahtrignano Will compost be turned before next garden day, or should we add that? (Looks like 3 have broken down and the remaining one is packed with fresh material.)

Lay brick circle for metal table and chairs.

Get rid of one of our dead grills.

Tree pruning for Oct or Nov garden day.


NEED SOON: Plan for succession planting for all trees.

Andrea emailed Maureen O’Brien at GreenBridge, the Botanic Garden’s community outreach program, for help planning succession planting.

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