Garden Day Meeting, August 6, 2017

Accomplishments on Garden Day, August 6, 2017

Major weeding.

Greetings to new members, explanation of garden governance and steering committee introductions.

Motion on steering committee coming up, as Andrea is offering to be Operations person for BANG team.


Progress on water: recruiting plumbing expert to advise us and liaise with a to-be-named plumbing company that will be our partner in keeping our system working. We are bouncing between DEP and Fire Dept. on changing out the Custodian Lock on a nearby hydrant, to be able to access water without needing to call Dean St. squad. We are exploring the expansion of our catchment system and working toward applying for a major DEP grant to divert water from storm drains. (Times article on Rotterdam shows variety of methods of diverting water.)

Jen at 609 Warren St. offers her spigot if we need water.


Beautification of water tank.  Ideas: ivy. Colored film could form a kind of stained glass.

Use plants, or make it “art in progress.” We would not want to cover the front completely, because we need to see how much water is in it and need to step on frame to readjust guttering and water tubes. Flowers. We can email membership and ask for artist advice.  Maybe wood framed “stained glass”? Ask people to submit drawings. We’d like to keep this low-budget or no-budget. Some like the way the tank looks as it is. Paint the outline of the vine on the frame in the meantime?

ID and plant native vine. If artist wants to decorate, we will outreach.


Pamela will help Jen water new triangle gardens.

Reminder of mosquito control. Dump out standing water. Add one drop of dish soap where standing water cannot be emptied.

Getting parking space. Andrea is putting out flyers to our neighbors on Warren St. to see if they can help us secure the parking spot in front of the Warren St. entrance more readily.

Brick paths. Garden paths are getting covered up — let’s do more clearing of all pathways. Project in future could be to repair the pathways, add sand and level.  We will try to do maintenance on a section of path each garden day. Triangle garden has particular need for brickwork. We need more cedar board pieces to pound in for borders.


Gina — the new website is near.

Free library box — We’d love to build one inside the garden.


Construction list :

Insect hotels

Bat house


Free library box. (Gab will research.)

Repair gable.  

Cedar planks for for borders.

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