Steering Committee Minutes, July 29, 2017

Steering Committee Minutes, July 29, 2017

10 steerers in attendance:  Amelia Wilson, David Bivins, Kristen Davis, Andrea Kannapell, Maggie Stein, Melanie Holcomb, Rachel Green, Kit Schneider, Chloe Abercrombie.

Other members: Sheri Stein.

AGENDA  [Planned item in bold and scope in roman. 


Saturday, Sept. 16, there’s a huge Harvest Fair happening at BEARS, with the street closed off. BANG would like to do a compost workshop at a table at this event. We’d like to help.  

We are asking Sarah for advice; Maggie is very interested in working at the workshop.

Need to vote on usage of expensive branded BANG tent. Do we want to allow gardens to borrow it for non-BANG events?

SC votes that the tent should be able to be borrowed by member gardens for garden events but not for individual member’s events.


Jefferson Maloney agreed to advise on plantings, and we will provide labor for planting and tending.




We’ll put out Kit’s weed book from the shed to guide weeders, and pull some of the weeds we want to focus on. Trying to arrange for a member to park in front of the Warren St. gate, so that we can get a delivery of wood chips ahead of Aug. 6 garden day, to use as mulch to suppress weeds.  

Need to add fine plastic mesh band at base of fences and gates to increase debris control and keep hens in.

Clean up near coop area  and find homes for wood shavings.

Level the pedestal planter by the Warren St. side and plant a native plant. (Gab is looking for a drooping native plant to plant there.)

Harvest potatoes.

Empty any standing water.

End of day all garbage bags to St. Marks side, or take a bag home.


To discourage mosquitoes, please do not leave toys out and upend pails and wheelbarrows.

We need ideas to beautify the water tank.


Outreach to Brad Lander  -BANG help? Andrea has asked Sheila.

Andrea and Jon Crow are working with DEP and Fire Dept. to replace “Custodian lock” on nearby Warrent St. hydrant so that we can access the water at will.

Catchment — DEP Grant — we are sharing the grant among the steering committee and beginning to discuss. We may ask Lenny Lebrizzi (Ameila will reach out) to help us formulate a plan.

We are collecting more info on plumbers.

Andrea has a friend who is getting his plumbing license and has agreed to help us navigate our plumbing. We’d like to put a brick line above the infrastructure.  

Need to vote on whether we should add an operations person to be part of a BANG committee — and who it should be.  

Andrea has the Trust for Public Lands records on our garden, and has given a copy to David.



Gina has submitted our wishlist of materials to a potential product securer, but we have not received a response.



Website news — Gina setting aside a day to finalize text (for posting purposes, with the expectation that all of it can be revised at will).

Melanie is reupping our membership in

Social media accounts — we’d like to meet with a new member who is interested in helping out with our accounts.



Strong bias toward adding people to Open Hours in their initial year of membership, especially for those who join mid-year.  

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