Annual General Meeting 2017 Notes

Notes from General Annual Membership Meeting for 2017
Date: 3/12/17

Melanie Holcomb moderates.

Attending: Chloe Abercrombie, David Bivins, Gina Briggs, Ruth Chasek, Kristen Davis, Mary Dillon, Rachel Green, Melanie Holcomb, Karen Hsu, Andrea Kannapell, Jefferson Maloney, Pat McCarty, Padmini Narumanchi, Mimi Rosenfeld, Kit Schneider, Maggie Stein, Amelia Wilson, Gabriela Wolf.

Current SC Roles

Admin — liaison with outside groups, problem solving

Garden — Garden days productive, problem solving, what’s going on IN the garden, make sure we have the right tools, right materials, etc.

Events —  plus bake sale, plant sale

Plots — created contract, stewardship is a privilege not a right

Membership coordinator — answer questions, orientations

Community Plots — planting, organizing team

Chickens  — holding to the protocols, laying out how the chickens are being cared for, training

Compost — relationship w/PSFC

Treasurer — fiscally sound garden, reimburse, grants, non-event fundraising

Communications — emails, website, postcards

Open Hours — maintain schedule of times/dates members commit to, to ensure Garden is open for at least 6 hours every weekend day.

BANG — land trust that holds our deed, rep goes to monthly meeting, passing on important messages

Discussion and agreement to add fundraiser role to SC.  


Elections: Steering Committee elected by acclaim

Administrator: Andrea Kannapell

Garden:  David Bivins

Chickens: Kristen Davis

Treasurer: Melanie Holcomb

Communications: Valerie English

Community plots: Siena Chrisman, Kit Schneider

Compost: Sarah Trignano

Individual plots: Amelia Wilson

Membership: Gina Briggs

Events: Chloe Abercrombie

Open Hours: Rachel Green

Fundraiser: Gabriela Wolf

BANG Rep:  Maggie Stein

BANG Alt:  Padmini Narumanchi


We are staying more organized

Community plots very well organized

Teams worked well

Volunteer Day from Citizens Committee

New tables

Great events, combined with fundraising, keep coffers full

Learned to work through conflict

Dealing with the deaths of three chickens

Relations with community strengthened over the last year

Built new plots — Joe Aaker is a real carpenter

Relocation of compost system

CSA very successful

Maggie’s class coming through



Website redesigned, content underway in shared doc. Should be easy to update. Special donation buttons easy to do.
Can we add a message board feature?

Spreading info for annual meeting for next year: Email, website, Facebook, garden bulletin box, garden gates, ask Block Associations to share info on meetings.  

FINALIZE schedule early next year so that postcards can be printed early, ahead of annual meeting.

Make sure we post meeting notes on web site, and coordinate updates on both Facebook and website.

Should we add a formal plate with garden name, website and mailing address?

Would Val be willing to take on a more involved role? Propose when fliers/emails might be relevant/helpful?

We will all look out for a very instagrammy person to become social media manager.

We will encourage our open hours folks to make posts to Instagram/Facebook. (Sprinkler monitors all social media channels.)  We need all the credentials somewhere.



How do we want the gates to look? Dean St. gates look good, Gab will send px.

Kit will work with Jen Keiser-Gorden to make a plan for the triangular garden . Mimi will help.

Pathway borders

Rebuild sifter

Put up screen/trellis by compost

Seating in garden

How can we contain the “projects” and so on?? Depressing to see wood piled up all over the place.

Glass bricks in Warren St. entryway are slick

Gab proposes healing garden in old compost area, with chamomile. Where the old sifter was.

Perhaps add more “healing” herbs in the herb garden.

Sun-loving native plants in center area we weeded last year. Mimi empowered to handle.

Use pavers to “pave” seating area?

How can we water the St. Marks side? Need better hose system until we get the bollard fixed.



March 18 is chicken orientation.



Now within our price range — will want to be able to keep chicken water fluid over winter and run pump for water tank.



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