June 14, 2015, Garden Day Meeting Notes

June 14, 2015 – Garden Day Meeting Notes

We had a great turnout on a beautiful day and got through a long list of chores. The sidewalks are neat and clean, the shed is much more organized, the litter is gone, and there are MANY fewer weeds. The peaches have been winnowed in the hopes of increasing the size of the remainder. Our meeting went beautifully as well.

We are working on the early-morning noise from the hens. We are putting out “toys” for them at night and extra vegetables, so they will not be bored in the morning, and we will be keeping track of what works. We’ll also be taking special care that the chickens don’t get overheated, bringing them frozen plastic bottles of water and frozen fruit.

The deliveries from the Angel family farm have begun. There is plenty of room for new members. Keep in mind that each share is so much food that some people are going in for thirds.

Should be fixed in July.

Child gate
Parents of some toddlers ask if there is some kind of low temporary gate that they could install when they are here. They will offer some concrete examples to be considered.

We have gotten two this year, one for $1,000 to replace the shed, one for $1,500 to upgrade the Warren St. entryway. We need to move the brick “altar” by the grill area, since that’s where the new shed will be. We will stack the bricks on the gray pallets by Mrs. Layne’s wall.

Collaboration with Skate Shop
The owner would like to coordinate with us to send young people over to work with us, and he’ll give them a discount. He wants to help nurture community values. We are pursuing.

Dirt delivery
Kings County Nursery will bring loose soil and some bagged soil on Wednesday between 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. We can finally fill the last two community plots.

Compost reminder
If the person before you did not put sawdust in, please add. Cara, who has a car, will help us collect wood shavings from Tamer Fine Furniture in future.

Brad Lander, our city council member,  is looking for opportunities to meet with folks. Maybe coming by a garden day or Make Music New York. We are reaching out to his office with a variety of dates.

Reminder of coming event
The annual Make Music New York festival is  Sunday, June 21. We will have wonderful performances from  5:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m. and 7-8 p.m.

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