Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – June 7th, 2015

Steering Committee meeting of 6/7/15 
Sarah Trignano
Chloe Abercrombie
Kristin Davis
David Bivins
Amelia Wilson
Ruth Chasek
Brian Ricci (and Frank and Rocco!)
(Not attending: Melanie Holcomb, Sally Smith, Valerie English)
1. Meeting Dates: We are rescheduling our regular meeting, moving it to the third Tuesday of the month at 7:15. Andrea is sending a Doodle poll to see when the best time for a meeting in late June.
2. Plumbing update: Balkans finally gave us an estimate for just under $2,000. Alex Figliolia came by and should be sending us an estimate shortly. BANG agrees it is an infrastructure issue and therefore its responsibility, but asks that we have the work done in July to go into the next round of reimbursement grants.
3. Soil/Compost: We will focus on buying enough soil/compost for the two community plots, and use the fall delivery from GreenThumb to fill the remainder.
4. Grant update: Andrea is going to a meeting with the Citizens Committee on June on Tuesday June 16 at 11 a.m., which is the next step toward receiving the $1,500 grant we were awarded to upgrade the Warren St. entrance.
5. Compost update: 
We need a pickup of wood shavings (David will emailing Stephen Arthur to see if he wants to make this his regular contribution).
Latch is here to make compost tumbler into sifter.
The tube sifter was improved too.
6. Chickens update:
VolunteerSpot– Kristen struggling to make the calendar by letting people sign up themselves. She may revert to setting the calendar up herself.
Noise — can we soundproof the nesting box?
We will have the next Garden Day meeting (Sunday, June 14) at noon.
We can test different methods of calming the hens — more exercise, late person come after they go to sleep so they have food in the morning, possibly add more nesting boxes. Could be their age. We will order chicken toys.
7. Chicken birthday party as fundraiser — Brian will organize, with Chloe’s help. They will reach out to Max and his girlfriend, who have a recipe for a chicken birthday cake.
8. The CSA begins Tuesday, June 9, with 12 shares. Liz Angel hasn’t emailed CSA members, so David is doing so.
10:  Garden Day agenda
distribute soil if it is delivered
general cleanup
turn compost
fix mesh along bottom of fence — need zipties, which David can bring
bring over paving stones offered by Tom (at 104 St Marks?)
re-repair picnic table.
finish spreading woodchips and mulch
remove boards
winnow peaches
Meeting at noon.

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