October 5, 2014 Garden Day Meeting Notes

Steering Committee Meeting

Andrea Kannapell
David Bivins
Chloe Abercrombie
Dylan Mabin
Amelia Wilson (after coop clean)
Melanie Holcomb (after coop clean)
Pat McCarty
Sarah Trignano
Cathy Carver (at end)
Ruth Chasek (briefly by phone)

Reports: plot status, team compliance,  membership number, fall projects, security, alcohol rule.

Plot status: 7 plots are renounced, abandoned or undertended. One has been spoken for.

Dylan will email individuals to let them know the undertended plots will be put back into rotation and that they can be put back.

Park Slope Food Coop: Andrea will check with coop about their rules on compost team.

Membership number: 83 voting members

Alcohol rule:  We want to investigate what rules apply to the garden and liability.
How?  Andrea will email Sheila and Jon Crow about how to find out.
We will consider proposing at general membership meeting that delete the alcohol ban from the bylaws, if they are sufficiently covered in other rules.

Team compliance: we are updating our master membership list.

Budget: Ruth will send updated budget.

Security: still some young folks smoking pot in the garden. David has spoken to some of them about lack of respect for garden members, keeping gates open when they are here, and that they can’t be protected from the police, so wise not to do anything illegal in here.

Cats: we need to request trap and neuter. David will investigate.

Event: harvest festival coming 10/26.
Marathon 11/2 savory stuff and people to staff tables.
Andrea will ask Val to send out note asking for help staffing and getting contributions.

Wiggiomail: Andrea needs to update wiggiomail list to include Melanie, Kit, etc. 

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