September 6 Garden Day Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes as recorded by David Bivins


Andrea Kannapell
David Bivins and Arlo
Kit Schneider
Max Henstell
Brian Ricci
Pat McCarty
Siena Chrisman
Jerah Kirby
Leslie McCleave
Amelia Wilson
Dylan Mabin
Melanie Holcomb

Same list for meeting, plus Iris, Ruth Chasek, the other Ruth (who may not be a member), Julia Mabin, and the new member whose name escapes me who Amelia oriented today.

Members introduced themselves.

Reminder about gates: people are leaving them open when the garden is empty. We will send out an email to remind members to check that whomever is remaining has a key. People have also been locked in accidentally.

People are hanging out in the garden at night. They might be smoking marijuana, and empty beer cans indicate that they are drinking. From anecdotal evidence, it sounds like there might be three separate groups, one being somewhat fluid (some core members, with others rotating in and out). Several people suggest an approach which Andrea dubs “aggressive friendliness”–e.g. joining the group and talking with them, and possibly encouraging them to participate in mainstream garden activities. One member is concerned that there might be a liability issue if an inebriated non-member stumbles into the street and is hit by a car. Another member is concerned that current activity might escalate to rape and/or murder. Same member suggests that a community police officer be asked to patrol the garden (from the sidewalk) at night, with instructions not to arrest anyone for minor offenses (e.g. smoking marijuana). Several members are wary of police involvement with the garden. The garden membership present agrees to contact the community police officer from the 78th precinct. David asks Ruth to make the contact.

Leaf drop: Pat will coordinate.

We want donations: revive idea of “donate now” on the web site and suggesting donations for any activity, including reserving the garden for an event.

Rummage sale – Brian will coordinate

Our contact information: several potential members have told David that the web site address is difficult to find; David suggested that we make signs for the gates that make the web address more prominent.

We will redo the program from last night’s (9/5) movie night. It was delightful, reported Andrea.

Chicken budget was brought up: what is to be spent on? Anything beyond the garden budgeted for the chickens in our March meeting. E.g., feed, supplies for the run.

Fundraising: should we sell Christmas trees? Suggestion from Siena: only if they’re from close by (not from Washington State or Quebec). The discussion seemed to whittle down to “it’s not worth the hassle.” Plants (autumn decorative gourds e.g.)? Maybe. Brian will continue brainstorming fundraising ideas.

Dog poop on Warren side (and St Mark’s Pl): Andrea requests that anyone witnessing dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs on the sidewalks in front of the garden entrances photograph said owners and send the photographs to her.

Pat reprised his role as steering committee nudge and got us to agree to a 10/5, 10AM in the garden meeting.

Pat also brought up the beautification of the Warren St entrance, and David welcomed him to join Dylan and himself. for an already-in-progress discussion of building a bricked entrance area. Post-meeting the three stroked their beards and agreed to build the entrance on a day less hot than today, to borrow a manual tamper to assist in the task, and to use sand to help level the brickwork.

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