September 6 Garden Day Meeting Notes

Meeting Notes as recorded by David Bivins Attendees: Andrea Kannapell David Bivins and Arlo Kit Schneider Max Henstell Brian Ricci Pat McCarty Siena Chrisman Jerah Kirby Leslie McCleave Amelia Wilson Dylan Mabin Melanie Holcomb Same list for meeting, plus Iris, Ruth Chasek, the other Ruth (who may not be a member), Julia Mabin, and the […]

August 10th Garden Day Meeting Notes

We had a terrific garden day, cleaning up the peach tree, watering everywhere, turning compost, weeding, and sanding and staining the remaining two benches. Turnout was better than one might expect for August, with 16 members plowing in. The garden provided pizza for lunch (and some of us went off the reservation and got sandwiches […]