November News: Chickens, Leaf Drop, Garden Day

We have quite a few announcements to share. See below for more on:
1. Chicken Vote Results, Monitoring Committee Volunteers, Chicken Care Training
2. Leaf Drop
3. Hurricane Update
4. Work Day – Saturday, November 10th

Chicken Vote, Monitoring Committee & Chicken Care Training

We are pleased to announce the results of the garden’s re-vote on the chicken issue. A total of 100 garden members voted on one of two options. Here are the options and the results of the vote:

OPTION 1: Relocate chickens immediately (either back to Governor’s Island or Pat McCarty’s backyard):
30% yes.

OPTION 2: Keep the hens for at least a one-month probation, with a monitoring committee composed of equal numbers of non-gardening neighbors and gardeners. The vote of the Monitoring Committee on whether the hens stay through the winter or leave will be binding.
70% yes.

We gained more than two dozen new members in the last week alone. Four hours of orientation sessions were conducted over the past weekend to accommodate everyone joining for the first time. We welcome these new members to the garden, and we look forward to working with them as we work together to strengthen our community relationships and preserve and enhance our precious neighborhood green space.

Our next step is to set up the Chicken Monitoring Committee. Please contact us at if you are interested in being a member of the Chicken Monitoring Committee.

There will be a training this Saturday, November 3rd at 2pm for garden members interested in participating in feeding and tending the hens. Please email or call (347) 693-6811. Additional training sessions will be scheduled as necessary.

Leaf Drop

We are accepting bags of leaves on Saturday, November 3rd between 11am and 3pm. We will add these to our compost as “browns” over the next year. In the meantime we will keep them in the wire reinforced box built for this purpose in the compost area. Please only drop off bags at the compost area; do not leave bags on the sidewalk.

Hurricane Update

The garden is in good shape following the hurricane. Our western neighbor’s fence on Warren Street fell down in the storm. The steering committee is reaching out to see if our neighbor would like our help repairing the fence.

Last Garden Day of 2012

The next Garden Work Day—the last of the season—is Saturday, November 10th. If you are a plot holder and have yet to fulfill the work requirement, this is your last chance. All members welcome and encouraged to help put the garden to bed for the winter. We look forward to seeing you.

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