Note: See bylaws for more detailed descriptions of garden policies.

New members: Read bylaws, pay dues, sign up for 8 open hours, complete  application form, and attend a garden orientation to become a member and receive a key.

Membership dues: $10 to $25, depending on your pocketbook.

Open hours requirement: Each member keeps the garden open for 8 hours during the
growing season (it can be 1 hour per month, or combined, as your schedule allows, preferably during posted open hours.)  Sign up in advance on our Google calendar (see website below.)  Sign the chart on the clipboard inside the shed when your have finished working your open hours time period.

Lost key fee: $10

Plotholder responsibilities: Come to at least 4 of the 8 monthly garden workdays (or an equivalent special project given by the garden coordinators) to work on the community portions of the garden (watering, weeding, compost, etc.). This is in addition to your open hour requirement.

Monthly garden work days: Begin at 10:30am. Dates: April 14, May 12, June 10, July 14, August 12, September 8, October 14, November 10

Monthly membership garden meetings: Noon – 1pm during monthly garden work days (see dates above)

Monthly garden business meetings: 7pm, in garden or at Pizzatown (5th Avenue between Prospect and Park), unless another location is announced. Meetings are scheduled to take place two weeks prior to garden work days.

Garden coordinators for 2012 Season:
Administrative Coordinator – Pat McCarty
Communications Coordinator – Valerie English
Events Coordinators – Cathy Carver and Emilie Hagen
Fundraising Coordinator – McRae Petrey
Garden Coordinators – Andrea Kannapell and Sheri Stein
Membership Coordinator – Jen Keiser Gordon
Plots Coordinators – Alison Novak and Ryan Reineck
Publicity Coordinator – Rosana Vidal
Treasurer – Ruth Chasek


Posted Open Hours: 10:30am to 5:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays; 3 to 6pm on Thursdays.

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