Who’s Got Weed?

Dear Warren St Marks gardeners,

Just a quick note regarding the battle we must wage with the newly identified Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria). It’s invasive and resilient, and it appears to want to take over the garden. Below, some examples of it in situ.


We’ve made some serious headway against it, but we have to be careful not to spread it accidentally. So you do weed the goutweed, try to get as much of the root up as possible, and do NOT put it in the compost. Next year, we’ll have to be all over it when it first sprouts.

Thanks. And here, by the way, is Mr. Hairy Galingosa, which also goes by the apt name quickweed. This also needs to be weeded, but now that some are flowering, please also put those in the garbage rather than in the compost. While weeding, if you can, keep a bag at hand and immediately drop in the plant, so as not to spread seeds.

Hairy Galingosa

Last, please follow this link to see a little useful information on the tree that we wish didn’t grow in Brooklyn, the facetiously named Tree of Heaven, or Ailanthus altissimus. This one is also invasive and resilient. Try to get it out by the roots if you can — but many of them are lateral shoots, so you may find it impossible.

Happy Weeding!

Garden Co-coordinator

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