Our Garden’s Future

Dear Warren-St. Marks Gardeners,

It has been a great year so far, with very active and lush plots, fresh wood chips on all the paths, new fruit trees in place, new hoses, a clean and fully accessible shed, an evolving compost sifter, and really good turnouts for the garden days. I could go on… but there’s a major decision ahead of us, one we’d like to vote on at the next garden meeting (Saturday, July 9, to be exact).

Do we transfer the deed to the garden, now held by the Trust for Public Land, to the Brooklyn Queens Land Trust (BQLT), or to Brooklyn Alliance of Neighborhood Gardens Land Trust (BANG)? This is no simple matter; there is no foregone conclusion. The differences between them are great.

Whichever we choose becomes our parent group — as our deed holder, it has legal rights to make some broad decisions on our behalf, and, less abstractly, it will be responsible for paying our water and insurance bills.

To help us all make an informed vote, reps from each group will address us starting at 7PM Thursday, June 16. (Meeting in the garden; if rain, at Pizzatown on 5th Ave near Warren St.) Please come if you can. The more we know, the more likely we are to choose wisely for our future.

Thank you,
Andrea & Sheri
Garden Co-Coordinators

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