Winter Crop Planting This Weekend!

Just when you thought you were eating your last community grown vegetable…

This weekend we will be doing a massive winter crop planting in the community beds.  A new member, Joe Robitaille, a farm transplant to the city, has ordered a bunch of new seeds for winter cover crops and harvesting. Some things to get excited about: hairy vetch and rye, legumes and clover, decorative grasses, mizuna greens, hearty romaine, spinach, arugula, miner’s lettuce, sorrel and more.

The Plan

Saturday, 23rd, 10am: Prep community plot beds. Come help turn the soil and spread compost.

Sunday, 24th, 9am: Sowing. Come help sow seeds and learn a few things about cold season growing from Joe!

Last Sunday was an absolutely beautiful day for the Garden Work day as evidenced in the photos below:

Crew at work in the garden

Clearing up aftermath from the "big storm" of Park Slope.

Clearing out the community plots for winter planting

Kate, garden co-coordinator, shows us how its done.

No bigger than my hand?

Did you say no bigger than my hand or head?

No bigger than my foot or three feet?

No bigger than my foot or three feet?

Max thinks garden sharks are scary!

Max thinks garden sharks are scary!

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