Hey, Fall Gardeners! Join us Wednesday Evening.

Hello Fall Gardeners, This Wednesday 10/27 at 6pm, drop by your favorite Community Garden for some fall/winter seed sowing! This weekend was a productive one. The community beds were tilled and tended by a hearty group of members: a cover crop of rye was broadcast; asparagus was cut back and mucked; grub worms were dispatched; […]

Winter Crop Planting This Weekend!

Just when you thought you were eating your last community grown vegetable… This weekend we will be doing a massive winter crop planting in the community beds.  A new member, Joe Robitaille, a farm transplant to the city, has ordered a bunch of new seeds for winter cover crops and harvesting. Some things to get […]

Garden Work Day This Sunday!! All encouraged to attend.

Its a Garden Work Day this Sunday, October 17th and it looks like its going to be a beautiful sunny day. There will be a meeting at 10am and at 11am the work starts around the garden. So grab your garden gloves and a cup of coffee (or whatever gets you going on a Sunday […]