Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – May 2010

Date:  May 3, 2010
Time:  7 pm
Place:  Home of Cathleen Bell

Cathleen Bell
Cathy Carver
Ruth Chasek
Nell Eckersley
Jen Keiser Gordon
Kathy Hutson
Jerah Kirby
Pat McCarty

1.  Introductions
2.  Rah rah solidarity
3.  Reports
plot distribution/work calendar – Alison
dues collection/key distribution/membership – Ruth/Jen
list consolidation – Valerie/Harvey
communication protocols – Valerie/Nell
call for archive ephemera – Pat
work progress – Jerah/Kate
events/fundraising – Cathy/Cathy/Kathy

4.  TPL/BQLT and alternatives – Pat
5.  Bylaws review – Pat

A.  Alison, absent, sent the following report in advance of the meeting:

1) I sent you a link to the plot holder list. I update it frequently and the link always takes you to the updated version. All of the plots are spoken for (I heard back from Andrea).

2) About a dozen people have signed up for open hours and few are plot holders. I’m planning to send plot holders a reminder email later this week. If there is anything from tonight’s meeting that you want included in that email, please let me know tomorrow. Does someone want to email the entire membership and remind them about open hours?

3) Attached is a revision to the FAQ on the website. (Valerie, the updated Become A Member page looks great. Thanks.)  [Copies of FAQ were provided at meeting.]

4) Jerah & Kate, do you have a “garden email” at If not, it might be nice to set something up that can be posted on the website. Unless you want your personal emails added.

B.  Jen noted that, at this date, we have 67 paid members with keys distributed.  We have accumulated 161 members’ email addresses through the years.  There was some discussion whether we should delete outdated contact info and agreed that contact info would be purged only upon specific request.

Harvey has provided Jen member information immediately upon receipt of PayPal dues.  It was agreed that this is a satisfactory protocol.  All agree that PayPal has been a benefit for dues collection.

C.  Nell presented a discussion of the benefit of Wiggio as a communications tool.  Members had noted trouble with Yahoogroups listserv protocols and that neither does Facebook have the flexibility and organization and archival capabilities of Wiggio.  We are seeking an alternative that will keep more members better informed.  It was agreed that Nell would moderate a test run comprised of steering committee garden coordinators and that we announce the test run to the entire membership.

D.  Pat will appeal for collection of artifacts, especially to past garden members, and help to create some garden history.  He asked whether last month’s garden day group photo with numbers overlay might be helpful interactively for member identification.   Not all coordinators had received the photo.

E.  Jerah has picked up GrowNYC plants for plant sale.   Some discussion regarding pricing.  Lumber for raised beds will be available at the GreenThumb compound on Saturday.  She will rent a Zipcar van for that purpose.  Delivery of clean fill topsoil and city or GreenThumb compost is not expected at this time.

F.  Trio (K)Cathy reported on children’s plot planting.  It was agreed to keep the activity low energy and garden centric.  Coordinators offered to post neighborhood flyers.

First day of summer, Monday, June 21’s Making Music NY, performers and presenters promote the event.  WSMC will advertise the event, too, and host an after work pot luck dinner.

Pat would like to repeat last year’s bicycle ComposTour, visiting neighboring community gardens’ compost efforts.

G.  Ruth and Cathy B. agreed to participate in bylaws review.  We are seeking another, maybe drawn from membership, to create a committee.

H.  TPL/BQLT and alternatives discussion tabled.

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