Steering Committee Meeting Minutes – April 2010

Date: April 8, 2010
Time: 7 pm
Place: Home of Cathleen Bell

Cathleen Bell
Ruth Chasek
Valerie English
Kate Hawes
Jen Keiser Gordon
Jerah Kirby
Pat McCarty
Alison Novak

Greetings and introductions to newly elected coordinators. Discussion and concern about Kathy Hutson’s resignation as Events Coordinator.

Preparations in advance of April 11 official spring opening and first community garden day.

1. announcement. Valerie will create a member excel list mailmerge and will prepare an email shoutout with input from other coordinators. (Discussion of new member communication protocols: Harvey K. receives PayPal notifications and notifies both treasurer and membership coordinator, who, in turn, advise Alison, who’s maintaining a garden plotholder directory. We’re looking toward streamlining the effort, maybe inviting Harvey to attend steering committee meeting.)

2. agenda. Cathleen has proposed the following:
–Orientation/Reorientation – reviewing of garden basics (how to compost, water, use the shed, etc) for old and new members by Jerah and Kate? –Overview of Open Hours policy ? –Explanation/Vote on adding communal work requirement for plot holders? –Explanation/Vote on building raised garden beds for all garden plots? –Distribution of new keys to paid up members? –Sign up for open hours on Valerie’s (?) computer

Alison reminds us of last year’s decision, as posted on the garden website, that we all should understand: This link takes you to the FAQ on the website. Last year we only asked non-plot holders to do hours and did not require it. So if we are going to change that we should add it to the list along with an over-and-above open hours requirement for plot holders. It would be helpful if you could read the FAQ and bring up anything that isn’t clear to you so we can clarify. Also, it would be good to read so that we are all telling people the same info. We can make changes after Sunday’s meeting once we have completed the vote. Note that last year this FAQ was posted on the website, sent out over the listserv and posted in the shed.

Cathleen recommends the following changes:

All members, not just plot holders, must keep the garden open 2.5 hours per month.

Garden days don’t count toward open hours.

Plotholders are required to do communal work in the garden through:
–garden days
–task forces assembled by garden coordinators
–discrete projects during open hours shifts (get in touch with Jerah and Kate for an assignment)

3. new keys. Change of tumblers in gate and shed locks and distribution of new keys to dues paid members. Ruth and Pat will work together with Miguel, locksmith, to have 50 keys cut for Sunday

4. dues. Membership dues collection. (paid dues = new key!)

5. pizza. It’s a tradition!

Other stuff:

In advance of future steering committee meetings, Pat will circulate an agenda among coordinators

Kate seeks approval of arborist, Hollis Fitch, for tree maintenance, especially since it appears imminent that neighboring lot will be developed. Approval of $300 budget for Hollis Fitch’s arborist services. Pat will forward short list of other arborist services and wood chip suppliers.

GrowNYC deadline for ordering plants for 2010 wsmc plant sale is this Friday. Kate and Jerah will place order. Approval of $100 budget for purchase.

WSMC will continue bylaws review, seeking membership participation

Some discussion re TPL dissatisfaction with BQLT, and several active gardens seeking alternatives. (Neither Charlie Bayrer, Hollenback community gardener and city certified water service rpz tester, nor licensed plumber whose seal must be applied to submitted paperwork, has been paid by bqlt for last year’s services.)
ComposTour 2010!

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