Annual General Meeting Minutes from 3/7/10

Warren St. Marks Community Garden Annual Garden Meeting 3/7/10 Held at Fifth Avenue Committee’s office In attendance: Adriana Torres, Alison Novak, Ruth Chasek & daughter Naomi, Aaron Koffman, Pat McCarty, Cathy Carver, Kathy Hutson, Valerie English, Rod Hontuess, Andrea Kanapell, Kate Edmundson, Mical Moser, Tim Foster, Victoria Grant, Jerah Kirby, Raphe Evanoff, Kate Hawes, Sam […]

First Garden Day – Sunday, April 11

You don’t have to know the difference between mugwort and pokeweed–all are welcome and encouraged to participate at Garden Days. As you’ll see on this season’s schedule listed below, we’re alternating weekend days. Meeting at 10am. Group work at 11am. SUNDAY, April 11: First Garden Meeting & Work Day SATURDAY, May 8: Children’s Planting and […]