Get Your A** to the Garden this Saturday!

For those of you not in the know, “A**” refers to Arm. So, um, get your arm over to the garden this Saturday morning! Here are some of the compelling reasons why you should be there:

A Compost Workshop will be lead by our resident compost pros, Kate and Rico. Make sure to ask them about the rumor of a compost tumbler made from a repurposed bike. Wow, repurposing with a repurposed bike!

At noon, head back to the picnic area to learn Pickling Techniques from Jerah. Fingers crossed–she’ll bring more of her amazing pickled veggies from home, as she did for the first demonstration earlier this summer.  Ya know, Jerah should call this International Pickling Techniques as she honed her pickling skills while living about zillions of places all around the world.

If this is not enough to get you out of bed before noon on Saturday, how about a little drama? I heard the mystery of Trouble in the Land of Zucchini may be unraveled. Not sure of the plot line but it sounds like a good one!

Still not intrigued and feeling that 10am on Saturday is too early to be social? There’s always a need for solitary weeding, digging and hauling. All socials types will be accommodated.

Saturday, August 8th starting at 10AM.

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