Garden Mosaics Workshop – Saturday, August 8th, 9am-4pm

Attention all Garden Members:

You are cordially invited to participate in the 2009 Garden Mosaics Training Workshop, sponsored by Cornell University Cooperative Extension. The Warren-St. Marks Community Garden will pay for the first three garden members who register and attend the workshop. Contact Pat at for more information.

This is a wonderful, day-long training session for gardeners and educators or anyone who is interested in bringing youth and adults together to explore science, nature, community and the environment in a garden setting.

This year’s Garden Mosaic Training Workshop will enable participants to learn about the Garden Mosaic program, how to use model projects and guides on the Garden Mosaic website, explore and then carry out hands-on indoor and outdoor activities as you would actually implement them in dynamic, creative inter-generational projects. Garden Mosaics is not a gardening program, but a learning-about-what-goes-on-in-a-garden program. The learning is both about the science of gardening as well as about the multi-cultural and social aspects of community gardening.

The morning session of the program will take place indoors at the Prospect Hill Senior Service Center, 283 Prospect Avenue (same location as St. John – St. Matthew – Emanuel Lutheran Church), in Park Slope, Brooklyn and the afternoon session will take place at nearby 6/15 Green – A Community Garden, located at 6th Avenue & 15th Street.

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