Garden Business Meeting Minutes – July 29, 2009

Warren St. Marks Community Garden
Business Meeting

Place:  The Garden
Present:  Pat McCarty, Kathy Hutson, Makale Cullen, Valerie English, Ruth Chasek, Naomi Chasek-Macfoy

We approved having a wedding in the garden (new members Natalie Schiavo and Craig Schoenbaum).  It will take place September 6th – a ceremony only, with about 15 guests.  Wedding party will move on to Convivium Osteria, where they will have their celebration.  Bride and groom understand that per garden rules, the ceremony will be open to all garden members, and that no alcohol will be served.  Bride requests that no one barbecue during the ceremony (approximately 3:30 to 4:30pm ), as she doesn’t want smoke wafting over the proceedings.  Congratulations to the first garden members to tie the knot in the garden!

Film night is tentatively set for August 19th, but may be moved to August 26th to allow for electricity access.  Thanks to Genevieve for offering to help us with electricity.

Looking for garden members interested in participating in Urban Farmy Olympics (the Olympics of community gardens) September 12th in the Bronx .

We are planning a Harvest Day/Concert for the third or 4th weekend in September.  Pam Taylor’s jazz-musician friends have offered to play a concert again, but this time would like to be paid $400.  The coordinators were split on whether or not the garden should pay a lot of money for this, since it is not directly a gardening expense.  However, those of us who remember last year’s concert remember a magical event in the garden.  Valerie also has a musician friend who may be able to play for free. She will see if he is available.  Any input on this gardeners?

Marathon Bake sale – we will have our annual bake sale during the November Marathon.

Baltic St Garden is facing demolishment.  They asked if they could temporarily place some of their plants in our garden.  The coordinators in general thought this was ok, unless the volume was too high and it overwhelmed our garden.  Would the plants be there permanently or temporarily?  Other community gardens are taking part in this too, as an expression of solidarity with Baltic Street .  However, more questions need to be asked.  When would this happen?

Cornell Cooperative Extension is offering a workshop for educators interested in incorporating gardening activities into their work.  Workshop is August 8th and costs $25.  The garden will sponsor up to 3 educators for this (pay the fee).  Contact Pat McCarty,

Post rules.  We still need to post 5-10 of the most important garden rules in the garden as a reminder..  Any volunteers?  We can supply the rules, if you are willing to make and post signs.  Key rules that come to mind are:  1)  Keep dogs leashed at all times, 2) Dogs must not pee or poo in garden, 3) No littering! Take all your garbage out, 4) No alcoholic beverages allowed in garden, 5) No illegal substances allowed in garden, 6) All children must be supervised by an adult.  Maybe that’s enough.  Any ideas on perfecting this list?

Garden paypal account is almost up and running, thanks to Harvey .  This wasn’t discussed at the meeting, but is important to know.  Gardeners will soon be able to pay membership fees online, via the garden website and paypal.

Minutes submitted by Ruth Chasek

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